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Transfer Prescriptions
Because of the level of service we provide, we prefer to have all of your prescriptions on file with us! Our pharmacist regularly reviews your medication profile to make sure there are no overlaps in therapy or dangerous side effects from specific drug combinations. When your doctor calls us to find out what medications you are currently on, we like to provide a complete history so that you can get the best care!
Option 1: CALL US! (407) 704 5937
Transfers must be done "pharmacist to pharmacist". Call us with your name, date of birth, and the phone numbers to any pharmacies where you have prescriptions on file. We will take care of the rest. Your prescriptions will be ready for immediate pick up or delivery!
Option 2: Fill out the New Patient Transfer form and fax to us at (407) 704-5278.
Download Rx Transfer Form
PHONE: 407 704 5937
FAX: 407 704 5278
E-SCRIBE # 0207224424
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Transfer Prescriptions

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