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ScriptSaver Prescription Card Program
What is ScriptSaver?
The ScriptSaver Prescription Card is a prescription savings and loyalty program that offers reduced prices on the largest assortment of prescription drugs, compliments of NPR Family Pharmacy. By lowering the retail price of many pharmaceuticals, ScriptSaver offers much-needed relief for the many uninsured and underinsured patients who struggle with today's high healthcare costs.
Will ScriptSaver really save me money?
Absolutely. ScriptSaver offers significant savings for all cardholders—not only those who are uninsured or underinsured, but also those with prescription drug coverage that doesn't include the medications prescribed by their doctors, as well as those patients who have reached the dollar or dosage limits of their coverage. Regardless of the reason, if you're paying out-of-pocket for your prescription drugs, ScriptSaver will save you money.
Does ScriptSaver offer benefits not available through similar discount programs?
Yes! What makes ScriptSaver so unique is its coverage: while many other pharmacy discount programs offer reduced prices on a few hundred generic medications, ScriptSaver offers comparable discounts on thousands of prescription drugs, including many of the most commonly prescribed generics, maintenance medications and brand name drugs. No other pharmacy discount program, large or small, can match the coverage offered by ScriptSaver.
Additional Benefits
Hospital / Nursing Home Continuity of Care
Professional Pharmacist Care
Accumulate Loyalty Rewards Points With Each Rx Filled
How do I sign up?
Card cost is $10.00 redeemable immediately for $10.00 worth of OTC items. Stop in to fill out an enrollment form and submit it to the pharmacy to receive your membership card. Present your card whenever you have a prescription filled at NPR Family Pharmacy to receive the premium service and special discounts available through the program.*
* Ask your pharmacist for details.
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NPR Family Pharmacy - ScriptSaver Prescription Card Program

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