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Our Customers
We love our loyal customers! Smiles on the faces of our youngest patients speak for themselves.
Here is what some of our other patients have to say:
Ryan & Kelly Rhoads
My experience at NPR Family Pharmacy has been wonderful. The staff and my pharmacist are friendly, caring and go above and beyond in ensuring that my medicatons are accurate, refills are on time, insurance issues are dealt with, and service is great! Their concern for my overall wellness continues to exceed my expectations! Thank you!
– Ryan & Kelly Rhoads
Queenie Diaz
They are like family friends, nice and just wonderful. I truly will never find a pharmacy family like them.
– Queenie Diaz
Dawna McDonough
My mother and I use NPR Family Pharmacy for the personal attention Dele provides to each patient and the time he spends explaining the medications we are taking. I have peace of mind knowing my mothers medications will be delivered to her home in a timely fashion and any questions she may have are always answered quickly by a professional.
– Dawna McDonough
Paul Dyal
This pharmacy is the best! Everyone is friendly and helpful!
– Paul Dyal
NPR Family Pharmacy - Our Customers
Patricia Dyal
The staff here has been extremely helpful with all our meds. They are very friendly. Could not ask for better service.
– Patricia Dyal
Marcheta Jackson
The staff is always greeting you and makes sure you understand the medications you’re taking, rather than you having questions about them. I also enjoy waiting to get medications refilled because you never have to wait a long time. Great work Tocara. (Thanks staff).
– Marcheta Jackson

Etta Fraser
Could not have been better to me. What would I do without them. Thank you all.
– Etta Fraser
Max Meyer
Very friendly and helpful!
– Max Meyer

I have been a customer since 2009. NPR Family Pharmacy has consistantly shown 100% commitment to service, quality and integrety. PLUS: THEY SAVE ME MONEY, TIME AND GAS!
– C. White
I switched from Walgreens when they started making all the changes that made things more convenient for them and less convenient for me. Best Decision Ever Made!
– Vasilia Williams
I am very pleased with Ms. Cindy. She¥s always greeting and professional on the job, and works hard at what she does. Keep up the great job!
– Anonymous
Whenever I call in for my medication the staff makes sure you get it on time and there’s no waiting period, like other places. I feel everyone works hard doing what’s supposed to be done in a professional way. God bless you (Dele). Great job!
– Anonymous
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