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About Us
NPR Family Pharmacy is an independent full service pharmacy that caters to the general public, as well as individuals that may need a little extra care or specialized service. The staff works closely with the patient and the doctor’s offices to make sure that the best possible care is given.
Owner Dele is a seasoned professional pharmacist with a genuine heart for patients. Registered Pharmacist (Rph), Registered Consultant Pharmacist (CPh), and MBA, Dele spent more than 15 years working in hospital pharmacy, as well as for major pharmaceutical companies specializing in neurology and eldercare. “Through all this experience I came to realize that in order to truly provide the level of professionalism, integrity, care, and knowledge I wanted to for patients, I would need to have my own business and train my own staff.”
Family owned and operated, NPR Family Pharmacy was born! Dele and his wife Rebecca strive to run a pharmacy that consistently EXCEEDS expectations when it comes to patient care. Staff members are qualified, are trained in precision and customer care, and have a heart for working with the patients. The pharmacy has a spacious and comfortable waiting area for patients to relax while prescriptions are being filled.
Rebecca adds, “My husbands’ level of dedication is unmatched. We have a young gentleman patient with a schizophrenia diagnosis. He has been moved from one group home, to the next, to the next. I have seen Dele drive across the state late into the evening just to make sure this young man gets his necessary medications to keep him stable. You don’t find that kind of dedication anywhere else!”
At NPR Family Pharmacy each patient has a Patient Care Specialist, as well as a Pharmacist that is responsible for making sure all patient needs are met. A very personalized service is provided. For a complete list of services and more details, click “SERVICES”.
Experience being under the care of a PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL pharmacist.
About NPR Family Pharmacy

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